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Welcome to LANA’s free resources! Each month, we will feature a new downloadable activity associated with our LANA program.

Fruit and Veggie Taste Test log

To use this tasting log, put each child’s name on top of one half sheet. Each time children are offered a fruit or vegetable (at least weekly) that is not part of their common diet, or that they have previously avoided, you can help them place a sticker in the column that matches their level of acceptance. If they only smell it, that’s OK. They get a sticker or mark in the smell box. If they touch it, but don’t taste or eat it, that is where the mark or sticker would go. The goal is to show them that even if they don’t want to eat each new offering yet, they can make progress toward that goal for the future. If they try a food that is a combination of items, they can mark the matching area for each new fruit or veggie. The idea with this chart is to empower kids to build their acceptance of new fruits and vegetables. When the chart is full, send it home to show Mom and Dad all of the new foods that are being introduced. Parents will be glad to see this and might even offer more choices at home. Right away each child can start a new log because this is a continual process. Remember to try new foods repeatedly in different ways. Ex: Sweet potato can be served as fries, chips, sticks, smoothie, pie, dip, mashed, baked, etc.

What Does Cooking Do? Activity

This is a math and science activity from the “Our Senses Teach Us” Theme Unit of the LANA Preschool Program. This activity takes children through the process of cooking and how it affects vegetables we eat! Start with vegetables in their raw form and discuss with your children what they feel, look, and taste like. Then cook them and discuss how they change. Do the children take preference to one form over the other?

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Free LANA Activity: What Does Cooking Do?

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Ethnic Kitchen

Introduce children to different cultures of the world with this free downloadable activity, Ethnic Kitchen. Gather kitchen utensils, packages, and food  from various countries around the world and discuss the similarities and differences between our culture and another. You can present multiple cultures in one day or separate them into individual activities.  This activity comes from the Food For Everyone Theme Unit in the LANA Preschool Program.

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Free Nutrition Activity for Kids - LANA Preschool Program

I’m a Seed by Jean Marzollo

This is a language activity from the Growing Things Theme Unit in the LANA Preschool Program. It includes pre and post reading discussion ideas. You can extend this activity by planting the seeds when you are finished reading and discussing the book with your students.

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 LANA Free Downloadable Activity from Learning ZoneXpress

Fruit and Vegetable Still Life

Painting is always a fun activity for kids. Let’s see if we can make it even more fun by throwing fruits and veggies into the mix. Have your children or students paint various fruits and veggies in different settings. Introduce them to fruits and vegetables they may not be familiar with. Learning about how they look and feel can be helpful when encouraging kids to try a new food for the first time. The more exposures, the better! Have fun with this free art activity from the Inside/Outside Theme Unit of the LANA Preschool Program.

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Red Pepper Wrap

This is a fun recipe to have your children/students participate in. Red peppers happen to be my favorite veggie, so I’m a big fan of this particular download. Encourage kids to try new fruits and veggies at every opportunity they can. Pairing it with something they are familiar with can help the new food seem less intimidating. This recipe is a favorite from LANA’s Favorite Recipes Cookbook. Give it a try!

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Free LANA (Learning About Nutrition through Activities) Downloadable Activity

Feeling Bags

 Here’s a sensory activity from the “Our Senses Teach Us” Theme Unit in the LANA Preschool Program. Children are encouraged to guess what fruit or vegetable is in the bag without looking. This enables them to use their other senses to identify the correct food. The great part about this activity is that what goes in the bag is up to you! You can make it as easy or difficult as you want introducing the kids to new fruits and veggies along the way!

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The free activity is a dramatic play activity from the “Vegetarian Animals” Theme Unit. This activity allows children to explore the animals of the rainforest.

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Animal Walks

Check out this fun ‘Animal Walks’ activity. This introduces children to various animals in a unique way they are sure to remember. Call out a type of animal from the list and allow the children to imitate how that animal walks. You can add your own creativity by adding more animals to the list and/or other actions.

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Cherry Tomato Kabobs

Take a look at this fun Cherry Tomato Kabobs recipe activity. This incorporates one of LANA’s targeted vegetables in a fun and tasty snack. It’s a great activity to do with your children or students.

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For more ideas, please check out Free MyPlate, a collection of free games, worksheets and ideas for teachers, parents or anyone working to promote a love of nutrition with kids and students.