A comprehensive & adaptable way to teach nutrition & better health!

The LANA Curriculum is aligned with both NAEYC  (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and Head Start Early Learning Framework.Click below to view the accreditation documents.


Schools that purchase LANA:

Know their kids love it and have a ton of fun!

Spend less time and effort developing implementing new lessons.

Are able to easily adapt activities to different schedules, needs, and availability of food.

Appreciate that the program was thoroughly researched and tested, and proven to reduce pickiness—making meals and snack times easier and happier.

Attract new families with the timeliness of the high-quality content.

Are able to fill both a Health and Nutrition need as well as a Parent Involvement need.

Support their staff by providing training on LANA Teacher Prep course to smooth the introduction of the program to the school and build teacher confidence.

The comprehensive and high-value program includes: