How do the LANA activities work? Do I have to use all of them in order?

No. The binder is a tool for you. You can pull any activity that you feel would work in your classroom at any time. While you certainly can go in order, LANA is adaptable and can be used in whatever way you find helpful in your school/center.

What kind of parental/guardian involvement does LANA require/encourage?

One of the great things about LANA is that the learning doesn’t stop at the school door. The program provides a multitude of special events, handouts, and activities to share with the adults at home.

Why does LANA highlight the fruits/vegetables it does?

The LANA foods were chosen because they are high in many nutrients (e.g., Vitamin A/beta-carotene, C and E, lycopene and lutein), they are fruits/vegetables that are different from those that most children already get (but yet they are foods that are still easy for schools/centers to find and afford), and they are foods that are easy to prepare in a variety of ways.

Why is an iguana the LANA Preschool Program’s mascot?

An iguana was selected as the mascot of the LANA Preschool Program because iguanas are vegetarian animals that only eat fruits and vegetables.

How much time each day is needed to implement LANA?

As little as 20 minutes each day. LANA has a variety of different types of daily, weekly, monthly and bi-monthly activities with flexibility to pick and choose for what best fits your program’s needs.

Can the LANA approach be used to introduce foods other than the 8 targeted fruits and vegetables?

Yes! While the program targets the consumption of eight highly nutritious fruits and vegetables, the approach can be used to introduce any new fruit or vegetable to young children.