Making nutrition education fun and easy!

No one can argue that Health and Nutrition are important subjects, and subjects of growing concern in preschools and daycares around the country. No one can argue either, that school and daycare staff already have their hands full managing the existing curriculum and day-to-day operations.

We’ve developed Learning About Nutrition through Activities (LANA) to provide the nutrition education that kids need and parents expect, while minimizing the impact on your time.

  • Lots of fun for everyone – kids, staff, and parents!
  • Cuts the time and energy spent on developing new lessons.
  • Adapts easily to different schedules, needs, and availability of food.
  • Researched and tested, and proven to reduce pickiness—making meals and snack times easier and happier.
  • Attracts new families that value the timeliness and quality of the content.
  • Fills both a Health and Nutrition need as well as a Parent Involvement need.
  • Great support tools and hands-on help available.