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By Sofia Horvath, Master Facilitator and Mother of 3

I’ll admit it. I get a bit star struck at times. But instead of movie and rock stars, the people that make me silly and giddy are usually celebrity chefs and big names in the health and nutrition industry. I recently attended a webinar hosted by RD, Ellyn Satter. At the end of the webinar, she had time to take only two questions. Mine was one of them. I called my husband at work to tell him. I called my mom. I shared with friends! It was the highlight of my month!

Part of the LANA program is based on Satter’s Division of Responsibility In Feeding. The LANA program reinforces the concept that adults are responsible for what food is served as well as when and where food is served. Children can choose whether or not they eat and how much they consume.

In addition to the Division of Responsibility, Satter stresses the importance of family meals. To hear someone discuss mealtime in a way that promotes it as a pleasant, enjoyable time, where food and family interaction can be viewed positively, is refreshing. It reminded me that meals with young children need not (nor should they!) be a battleground. Mealtimes give us the chance to enjoy food in an appropriate setting, enjoy the company of our family, and share about our day (or the day to come – if the family meal is breakfast). It reinforces for me that family mealtimes have far-reaching effects for both the children and adults. Adults who partake in regular meals are healthier, eat better and are slimmer. Children that participate in regular meals are healthier, do better in school, feel better about themselves, and get along better with other people.

Reading about and listening to Ellyn Satter helped me recommit to more evenings where my entire family eats together. At the table. With no TV or other distractions. I want my children to know that this time is important. I want them to have the chance to talk to their parents when we are not driving or focused on something else. I want them to have the opportunity to enjoy food and family in a pleasant setting and to reap the benefits that positive mealtimes provide!

For more information on Ellyn Satter, creating positive mealtimes, and helping your children become competent eaters check out her website:

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  • I really like this Division of Responsibility in Feeding. My husband and I could do well to remember that before trying to coax our almost 3 year old to eat one more bite.

  • Cristi- I constantly have Satter’s words echoing in my ears when I am eating with our 3 year old! At times it has been hard to let go and let the kids “own” their roles in their own feeding, but it has done wonders in reducing the power struggles. Letting go has felt good. 🙂

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