LANA Takes Orlando By Storm!

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By Lana the Iguana

This time last week I was basking in the sun in Orlando– and by “basking in the sun” I mean hanging out at the expo and sessions at the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) annual conference. It was a wonderful couple of days, filled with learning, socializing, zumba, and even a concert! I could go on and on about how much we did, the people we met, and what we discussed, but that might be akin to forcing someone to look at your vacation photos. They might want to look at a couple, but not 3 albums-full. So in the interest of keeping things…. well, interesting, I am going to give you my highlights.  So here you have Lana’s top 4 highlights from the NAEYC conference!

#4. Sharing the Lana-themed products with the conference attendees. I was so proud to share my stuff!  The biggest hits were the “I tried it stickers” and my cookbooks – especially my wipe-off snack recipe/cookbook and the cookbook with LANA I Tried It Stickersmy favorite recipes. (Eat your heart out, Rachel Ray!)

#3. Partnering with some great people! Being a part of the Learning ZoneXpress booth meant that I got to hang out with the Garden Heroes. Buddy Broccoli, Adam Apricot, Kimi Kiwi and I bonded a lot over those few days! I also got to help highlight My Plate products like the Preschool 1 Great Plate (which I love because it aligns nicely with the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign). It really is about teaching young kids healthy eating habits and it was so great to work with other people who have the same goal. We were like the 3 Musketeers – or superheroes. Whatever you find more inspiring and heroic.

#2. Eavesdropping. I loved listening to all the comments people made about me. Very good for the ego! My favorites were: “Is Lana on Twitter?” (I am! @lanaprekprogram), “Please scan me!” (Scanning conference badges got people on the mailing list.), “I love Learning Zone,” and “I will take your stuff, not anyone else’s!”





And the number one favorite moment of the NAEYC conference for me was………

#1. Anne Roy’s well-attended NAEYC session on Learning about Nutrition through Activities (LANA).  Anne (who was my guest blogger last month!) gave a wonderful presentation that resonated with many as the U.S. looks to incorporate nutrition education into early childhood development programs. This is key to moving the needle on the fight against childhood obesity. It takes people by surprise that childhood obesity often begins before the age of two and that one in five children is obese by their 6th birthday. Anne’s presentation was not only informative, but also enjoyable. I am grateful that she spoke on my behalf…. I get horrible stage fright!

NAEYC was a wonderful time and I am already looking forward to what we will do next year in Atlanta!


I would love to hear about YOUR NAEYC experience! Feel free to share your comments and experiences!






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