LANA & Head Start – A Perfect Combination

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It’s no secret that Head Start programs lead the way in parent involvement and education when compared to other early childhood programs.  Research has consistently shown that care giver/parent education is a key factor to ensure quality of care and developmentally appropriate practice.  When Learning ZoneXpress exhibited at the National Head Start: Parent Engagement Conference in Atlanta, the booth was swamped with parents, providers, and policy council members hoping to get the latest nutrition and wellness resources for their programs.

Please Pass the Peas – a training session focused on reducing picky eating in children, offered by Maureen Lyons from Learning ZoneXpress, had standing room only, featuring tips, tricks, and tools to start children out on a healthy eating pattern from the start.  Ms. Lyons speaks from experience due to texture sensitivity and food aversions she has lived with throughout her life.  Understanding where picky eating comes from helps parents and care givers choose strategies to combat this growing trend.

LANA - Head StartThe LANA Nutrition Program, created by the Minnesota Department of Health through a research grant from the American Cancer Institute, was a hot topic of discussion at the conference because it includes a strong parent component as well as flexibility for easy incorporation with curriculum already in place.  LANA includes learning activities for all core subjects, introducing more fruits and vegetables – along with reducing competitive foods, and of course physical activity.

With childhood obesity rates at a record high, the LANA Nutrition Program is the perfect tool to promote improved health and wellness for tomorrow’s leaders and their families.

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