Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day– National Nutrition Month!

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By Sofia Horvath, Master Facilitator and Mother of 3

Here in Minnesota, March can mean 12 degrees and a foot of snow one week and 70s and sun the next. Regardless of whether it actually comes in like a lion or a lamb, most Minnesotans (myself included) see March as a hopeful month, with spring-like weather right around the corner. Along with glimpses of spring and warmer temperatures, we start to think of other warm weather activities: picking out seeds and plants for the garden, walks to the community garden to weed and water, strolls through farmers markets, etc. The fact that I already have healthy, fresh produce on the brain is underscored by the fact that March is National Nutrition Month.

While it isn’t enough to eat healthfully one month out of the year, it is nice to take an opportunity – a month – to reaffirm our commitment to healthy eating, whole foods, and an active lifestyle. Eating right doesn’t have to be a chore, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be difficult, but it DOES have to be consistent if it is going to be beneficial. That is why it is important to eat right, your way, every day. But what exactly does that phrase “eat right, your way, every day” mean?

Eat Right. Focus on making vegetables and whole grains the stars of your plate while making meat (if served) a side. Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables; aim for getting produce that contains many different colors. Opt for simple foods made from fewer (and more recognizable) ingredients; avoid highly processed junk foods. Keep things interesting by trying new fruits, vegetables, and grains that you maybe have not had before.

Your Way. There are so many ways to eat healthfully and no one should feel like they have to jump through crazy hoops to make eating healthy fit their lifestyle. Eating healthy really can be done in so many ways that you just have to find the manner that works for you and your family. Some families find that advanced meal planning is helpful, allowing them to plan for a variety of healthy meals for an upcoming week or month while staying within a budget. Some families find that they eat healthier by taking advantage of convenience foods like pre-cut/cleaned/prepared vegetables. Some make healthy eating enjoyable by allowing input from all family members on meals and grocery selections. Many find it beneficial to eat many meals together so that children can learn from the positive example set forth by parents. Some parents sneak in extra vegetables into their kids’ brownies, while others prefer to serve vegetables whole. There really isn’t one RIGHT way to eat healthy. You need to find YOUR way.

Every Day. This is where the commitment to consistency comes in. Healthy eating needs to be a habit to be beneficial. Once it is a habit, it is part of your lifestyle. It isn’t drudgery, it isn’t something you need to think much about at all. It just is what you do. Getting to that point where it IS a habit means making healthy choices everyday. It means that splurge or treat days are just that– days here and there. The treat days are the exception in an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Make it a point to make healthy choices everyday.

Take the month of March to find YOUR way to eat healthy and begin to make it a habit and a lifestyle but eating right everyday!

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