Five Reasons Thanksgiving is Good For You.

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By Sofia Horvath, Master Facilitator and Mother of 3

I believe, wholeheartedly, that Thanksgiving is a “healthy” holiday. Yes, we often overindulge, eat more than we should, lie around on couches, etc., etc. However, let’s take a look at the healthy aspects of the holiday:

1. On this day, more than most, the food is homemade– made with thought and love, as opposed to highly-processed convenience foods on which we often rely.

2. Think of all the variety we get to enjoy on this day! Often more dishes than we can even try. Variety is a wonderful and healthy thing in a diet.

3. Many traditional Thanksgiving foods are powerhouse foods: sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cranberries, green beans, brussel sprouts… It ain’t all bad!

4. Many families eat earlier on Thanksgiving than on a typical day. Eating your larger meal earlier in the day is a good way to go. Just ask the Europeans.

5. Thanksgiving dinner is often enjoyed at a slower pace. People taking time to visit with loved ones and share a long, luxurious meal. Dinner is (at least at our house) often rushed, another thing to “fit into the schedule.” Not on Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, things slow down. Everything revolves around the meal.


There is so much about Thanksgiving that is good! People spend a lot of time trying to “healify” (I just invented that word.) the holiday. Really, it is pretty healthy to begin with. This year, let’s dig into the veggie platter sitting on the table before dinner. Let’s go for a stroll or jog while the turkey is cooking. Let’s invite the kids into the kitchen to help prepare the meal or set the table. Let’s enjoy each other’s company. Let’s take our time and eat. Let’s have a bit of everything. Let’s savor the pumpkin pie. Let’s be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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