Back To School Checklist

By Lana the Iguana

Some of you may have started back to school already, many go back this week. Whether your school year is already underway or you are getting ready to begin, below is a checklist of things to consider as the kids get back into the school routine. Make this a healthy and successful school year!

  • Work with your kids to come up with a list of healthy (and portable) snacks to take to school or have before activities. Having a list on hand of things that you know your child likes (and you know are healthy) will save you when you feel like you have run out of ideas. Some ideas you might try: dried fruit, hard boiled eggs, hummus and veggies, celery with peanut butter, popcorn, string cheese, bananas with dark chocolate dip, mini pb & j sandwiches. Anytime you see something in a magazine or on Pinterest that you both like, add it to the list!
  • Check out an apple orchard! This is prime apple time. Find an orchard near you, take a tour, pick some apples! Can’t make it to an orchard? Grab several varieties of apples from the store and conduct a taste test at home. Which ones do people in your family like – and why?
  • Start a new mealtime tradition. It might be planning a biweekly meal and then shopping for ingredients as a family, letting a different person cook (or help cook) a meal on a certain day of the week, doing creative dinners like “make your own pizza” or a taco bar. Start a tradition that gets the family together and looking forward to meal and family time.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast! Children who eat a healthy breakfast perform better in school than those that skip breakfast. Stock up on healthy breakfast foods for the family. Early morning bus? Pressed for time in the morning? Set stuff up the night before and/or look for things that are fast or can be eaten on the go while, at the same time, are still healthy choices (e.g. clementines, apple slices and almond butter, whole wheat bagel with cream cheese).
  • Buy reusable water bottles. Go green and stay hydrated at the same time. Get some reusable water bottles for your family members so they always have water on hand!
  • Make a lunch date with your child at school! Not always an option for every parent, but if your school (and schedule) allows, have lunch at school with your child. See what they serve, what options are available for your child, and what your child chooses. (This also can provide an excellent opportunity to get to know the lunchroom staff and your child’s friends better!)

I wish everyone a safe, healthy, and exciting start to the 2012-2013 school year!!


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