Making Simple and Healthy Changes At Home

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By Sofia Horvath, Master Facilitator and Mother of 3

Making the switch to healthy eating can be daunting. You want to provide the best nutrition for yourself and your family but the question of where to start can be overwhelming. Here are the top 5 (See! I won’t even throw 10 at you!) ways to simply work towards a healthier family:

1. Cook more at home. When you have control over the ingredients, you know what is in your food! By eating at home, you can also save money. And they don’t have to be crazy, elaborate gourmet meals. Ask friends for simple, time-tested recipes, visit pinterest for ideas, etc. And in that vein……

2: Plan your meals. Take one hour to plan your meals for the upcoming week and grocery shop based off that plan. What days will you need something exceedingly fast? Plan your meal with that in mind for that day. Buying stuff that might spoil sooner? Plan to have those meals earlier in the week. (Tip- asking for meal ideas from the family gets them excited for the week ahead!) Planning meals allows you to avoid unhealthy convenience buys. It also helps give you a big picture of what you are eating over the week. Are you getting a lot of veggies and high quality foods on the table or are you loading up on junk? This habit takes some getting used to, but I promise, it is worth the effort!

3. Make healthy stuff visible and easily accessible. If you want your family to consume more fruits and vegetables, make them the convenience foods. Wash fruit and put it in a bowl. Chop up bell peppers so that they are easy to grab. Buy baby carrots so they are easy to snack on.

4. Buy the foods with the simplest ingredient list. When faced with a loaf of bread with 41 ingredients (many of which are unfamiliar) and a loaf of bread with 10 ingredients (though many would argue that 10 is too many for bread… but let’s not worry about that now), pick the one with fewer and more recognizable ingredients.

5. Don’t swear off junk food. You will be at places where there will be junk food. Your kids will go to birthday parties. Feel free to indulge on special occasions – but keep in mind that they are treats on special occasions, not every day indulgences. Do the kids need a lollipop at every store or bank you hit when you run your errands? No. Enjoy your treats, but be selective.

Establishing healthy eating habits might seem overwhelming, but you can tackle it by honing in on the easiest and most effective changes first.  Tell me about changes you have made that were simple but effective? What would you add to the list?

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