Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail!

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By Sofia Horvath, Master Facilitator and Mother of 3

‘Tis the season for activities and sports! As school winds down and summer begins, I always feel myself breath a sigh of relief because I have fooled myself into thinking that the summer is “relaxing.” I do this every. single. year. And then the summer activities begin and I have two kids going one place for an hour, another kid going somewhere else for 2.5 hours, nine different types of activities and camps and four clothing changes a day for each child. I need a spreadsheet just to keep track of where everyone needs to be and when. The delicate routine and structure that I have so meticulously perfected for the nine school months disintegrates faster than you can say “Mommy, I’m bored!”

During the school year, we get into a pretty predictable routine. Meals and snacks are served at relatively the same time every day. But when summer activities begin, I am not going to lie, it takes a bit to get my act together. I am (or at least feel like) the neglectful mom that forgets to pack a snack or water bottle. Leaving my kids to mooch off of other kids whose parents have sent them with 900 bags of fruit snacks or Cheetos and 20 ounces of Sprite because they simply can’t survive until they get home (said in a dramatic, whiny voice). It takes me awhile to get into a different sort of groove — one that requires some advance planning.

I am pretty (ok, VERY) deliberate in what I feed my kids and, except for the occasional treat, they eat fairly nutritiously. And they like it. But I can feel that unravel quickly when I don’t plan and am left floundering for a quick snack or meal. When I don’t plan ahead, I find myself ordering out, stopping for Subway or something else fast, grabbing more processed, pre-packaged snacks than I EVER would during the school year. And, truth be told, this doesn’t just apply to what my kids eat. If I am sitting at the swimming pool for an hour while they have lessons and haven’t eaten lunch or grabbed something healthy, I am much more tempted to hit the drive-through or vending machine and just settle for whatever is close and easy. Not good!

I am making a SUMMER resolution this year. I will not fail to plan! I am going to take some time each weekend, pack some healthy (and portable) snacks. I vow to plan ahead so that I am not forced to resort to junk food because it is all that is available. I vow to take advantage of all the fresh fruits and vegetables that come with summertime and spend some time preparing them so my kids can grow up associating summer with fresh and healthy food and not processed junk.


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  • I adore your style of writing, it is so uplifting 🙂

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